T-Mobile MyTouch with Google: How to Maximize Battery Life

The MyTouch with Google is Google’s second attempt at a smartphone and is available from T-Mobile exclusively. It was launched in the Summer of 2009 and features 3G technology.
With any smartphone, shorter battery life is almost expected due to all the web browsing, application use, and technology crammed into the small handheld devices. Google overcame severe battery life issues from the G1 phone and the second generation Google phone gets more than double the battery life based on normal use.

But with a day full of texting, web surfing, and making phone calls you may find that you have to plug in your smartphone nightly for a recharge. I’ve been able to make the MyTouch with Google phone last around 2-3 days without needing a recharge based on some small tweaks and adjustments. Of course I still have days where I’m lucky to get through an afternoon before needing a recharge due to high use, but with normal use I’ve been able to go 2-3 days before needing to charge up.

Some tips to maximize battery life on the MyTouch with Google.

Adjust the settings down.

By default the phone sets the brightness at just 50% which I have found is more than sufficient for daily use. You might even be able to get away with setting it to 30 or 40 percent. Press “Menu” and go to “Settings” to tweak it.

You can also adjust the screen backlight timeout. I’d recommend setting it to a minute or less, otherwise you are wasting valuable battery life. If you are actively using the screen, it will stay lit anyways. Google did adjust it so that the screen blacks out when on a call which saves some battery power. Turn off vibrate and set the phone to ring or silent.

Track battery usage.

The Android operating system features a cool “Battery Use” menu under “Menu” and “Settings.” This was included in the operating system update that came in early October 2009. This nice little feature lets you see what has been using the battery during the time since the phone was last plugged in.

Why is this useful?

I discovered that one application I downloaded from Marketplace was using a whopping 46% of my battery power during one recent day. The program was a game that was paused and was running somewhere in the background!

These applications and games can be useful and fun but sometimes they don’t work as efficiently as they should. After deleting the one game, I noticed longer battery life and the rest of the battery use percentages actually seemed reasonable. For example my operating system rarely uses more than 4% of battery power at any given time.

Check the “Battery Use” feature regularly; if you see programs running and using a high percentage of battery life even when not being actively or recently used, you’ll want to consider deleting those applications. You’ll save battery life for when you actually need.

Exit out of applications.

Going along with the battery use meter checking, you should always close out of programs you aren’t using. For example, pausing a game will leave it running in the background; a potential battery drain. Also if you exit out of a program by hitting the Home button, the program may still be running. Always exit the program from the “exit” or “end” option within the program.

These simple tips can help you get more battery life out of your Google phone.

What is the meaning of the hay day cheats and its several advantages?

In the present day when the whole of the world is fond of games and entertainment, entertainments are considered to be the most important and significant part of the world. Sports in all ways are very important and inseparable part of our life. Artificial intelligence has spread its wings almost on each and every corner of the world. Machines have the sensors, and this artificial intelligence increased the excitement and enjoyment of the game. Many online digital games are invented by the game developers. With the development of the games, many types of hacks and hay day cheats are also developed and invented by the app developers to reduce the frustrations and add fun to the game.

People of the present day are more frank with the smart techniques of the games. Many types of hacks and cheats help an individual to improve the performance of the individual in the game. More bonus points can be achieved easily without any extra efforts in the game. In olden days, people have to wait for some time if they have lost all the lives of the game but now you can get instant lives with the help of some amazing guides to learn how to hack hay day. Players can win the diamonds in the game, and this diamond helps in tackling the difficult tasks of the game on the tough levels.


Hay day is the game that will give you the serene experience of the mature and the natural environment. Hay day cheats are very beneficial to increase the performance, and your friends also didn’t come to know that how you have reached on such a high level and that too very quickly.

These hacks increase the excitement and smart performances in the game. By using hay day hacks a player can generate a large number of coins and win the game in significantly less time.

You can enjoy the experience of farming and can perform many tasks easily facilitating many of the advanced products and farm items used for playing the game efficiently.

Hay day hack tool is very much useful for the novice users, and they can easily challenge their competitors in the digital world of the games. You can use hay day cheats by easily entering the number of the coins after successful installation of the app. This app is very easy to use, and an individual just has to follow the instructions step by step.

How to Use and Counter Graveyard

This card is a legendary spell and is a heavy hitter. It’s mainly an offensive card (probably one of the best offensive cards in Clash Royale) though, and should only be used for defense in the last few seconds or against a tank if you don’t have any other card available. This guide will show you how to use and counter graveyard in Clash Royale.

How to Use Graveyard

This is a legendary card that can be bought with clash royale gems and has a load time of 1.5 seconds but after that a skeleton spawns every 0.5 seconds and can spawn up to 20 skeletons, over a period of 10 seconds. This card has a 5 tile radius and this can limit the cards ability on where it can be cast on princess tower because you can accidentally activate the king tower and it starts taking down skeletons. You can place the card one tile to the left of the centre of the princess tower and this will make it very unlikely for you to activate your opponent’s king tower, but there is still a chance that the king tower will activate. So what you do is, place the card 2 tiles away from the centre of the princess tower. If you distract the tower’s defenses with a tank then Graveyard can do up to 2000 damage on the tower. If there is an Inferno Tower or something similar that can thwart you Graveyard, you can use a tank to distract the tower. It’s also very effective to use freeze with Graveyard because you can freeze both the tower and your opponent’s defensive units and easily take the tower down.

How to Counter Graveyard

You can counter this card by using rage on your tower and defensive card. You can use a Musketeer with rage, a Valkyrie, and even Archers. Minions are also great at sweeping up the skeletons. Fast cards like Lumberjack and Goblins are excellent for countering Graveyard as well. You can also use a tank to distract all the skeletons if you do not have any other defensive cards available. That’s the beauty of Clash Royale.

Get gems for Clash of clans in free of cost

Kids and teens are more prone to play video games as there is a number of online as well as offline games are available. Today, different cell phone platforms such as Android and iOS includes best features like high graphics, great sound quality, fast processor, increased RAM size, and much more. So, players have a big choice of online games. Among millions of online games, the clash of clans is most popular empire building games. The common thing among COC and other games is all required points or gems. Each successful activity in an online/offline game provides gems or gold that helps to buy extra weapons, boost energy and else. If you do not have virtual currency in your game account, then you need to buy it.

It requires real money to buy real gems for playing clash of clans. Some kids and teens cannot afford to pay for virtual money. In this case, hacking is the best way to steal free gems online.

Process to hack free gems

  • First, need to choose the right website or gems generator
  • Fill the required amount of gems or gold you want
  • It is important to enter player’s tag that the generator identifies the payer
  • Now, click on verification tap
  • Perform some promotional activities
  • Now, you will get required gems, elixir, dark elixir or gold to play the clash of clans

Features of clash of clans code generator

  • It is quite a simple process that any simple Smartphone user can use the generator
  • 100% safe, secured and completely undetectable with anti ban script
  • No need to install any hacking tool on your device
  • No need of jailbreaking and rooting
  • The coc hack takes place via proxy system
  • The online gems generator provides ban protection

Captcha Verification

  • In this process, no need to perform human verification as you just need to perform captcha verification.
  • Fill the required amount of clash of clan’s gems, elixir, dark elixir, and gold.
  • Now enter the player tag of clash of clans
  • Complete the captcha verification
  • Then the virtual money will update after captcha verification.

The player who is addicted to playing online Clash of clans then the gem generator is the best platform for them. It helps to earn free gems or gold in free of cost. You just have to perform promotional activities such as watching advertisements, download a mobile app, share data on social media sites and else.

Make Your Hacking Process Interesting with Facebook Hack


Facebook Hack- Make Your Hacking Process Interesting

The Facebook is one and only social networking website which has a lot of awesome features. People are using this social networking site to share pictures and much more things. it is full of various functions and features. Its features are also updated time to time for the benefits of users.

If you have an account on Facebook then you can easily get the benefits in your life. You know what now it also becomes easy to make the video call with the help of its video call function. It is not a big deal that where is your friend, you can call him/her and talk with them with the help of an internet connection. Now the demand of the Facebook hack tool is also increasing rapidly for the purpose to access the accounts of others. People are using that tool to know about the social life of their friends and relatives without having any difficulties.


Security features of Facebook hack

When you are going to use any hacking tool then you should know about its various features. Most of the people have no knowledge about the hack tools and they are going to use the tools which are irrelevant. Hacking facebook can be a hard job without the proper tools and that is why we are suggesting you the best one on the market! People who want to check the messages and other personal information of their friends then they need to know about the hack tools. There is plenty of hack tools are available and every tool has their own specific features.

Most of the tools are designed only for the purposes of affecting the devices of the users. You can see that there are many tools which are causing viruses and disruptive software which damage the system of the devices. If you want to prevent your devices from such virus then you should use Facebook hack tool. This hack tool is safe and also not causing any virus to your devices. You can easily hack any account in the comfort of your home.

Beneficial details about Facebook hack

People are using different types of hack tool for getting access to the accounts of their family members and friends. Most of the people want to check their account or the various reasons. Everyone has their own reasons which may be good or not. If you also want to access the account of your friends and you don’t know how to hack then you should go for the hacking tools. Facebook hack tool is 100% safe and also beneficial for accessing the accounts of your friends. It is not a daunting task to crack the password of the other accounts on Facebook but it can be possible with the help of the above mentioned tool. if you are going to use that tools then you need to know about them properly. With the help of such tool, it becomes very easy to hack any account and you also don’t need to make more efforts. people who are facing the various problems they should choose this tool to get success.

The Best Method To Restore Your Own Instagram Account


Instagram Hack: The Best Method To Restore Your Own Account

Instagram is the most popular multi platform application which is gaining more fame due to its beautiful interface. There is no other application which is this much beautiful in the interface. There are lots of people who use this just for fun but there are many who create a stunning profile by uploading awesome pictures. If you have an account on Instagram with thousands of follower and unable to get into your account then there is nothing worse than this thing is. All you can do is to forget password and if you are still unable then nothing can help you but hold on. There is a hack tool which is used to restore your account back. The name of this tool is the Instagram hack and this is the most popular one which is used to hack anyone’s account with ease. There are thousands of users who use it every day and you can also use it. In order to get started, you have to visit its official website.

Is It Safe To Use Instagram Hack?

Most of the people have this question that is it safe to use or not. Well, this issue can be resolved with the help of previous user’s reviews. Everyone who uses this provides reviews about it and the benefit of this thing is that you can check these out. Most of the reviews are heartwarming and you will find these helpful. Around 90% of people find this working and everyone who is using it have positive reviews regarding it. There are two basic features which don’t let a user get banned. These features are:

  • Anti-ban
  • Proxy

These are two features which are very helpful to browse safe and when you will use this tool, these features will provide you safety. The basic feature of anti-ban is to protect you from getting banned and Proxy is the second feature which is really helpful to keep you anonymous. Actually, this thing encrypts the data communication between your device and the server of the tool. Now no once trace you using the Instagram hack. Perhaps, no other tool can be this safe and easy to use. If you find any tool which requires downloading then be away from it because these are spam tools and these can be harmful to use.

Sharing Is Caring

As you know that this is the safest tool available online which can be used to know the password of anyone. Now, you can share about this tool to other people like your siblings because they might also need this. Sharing this with your friends is also helpful but make sure they don’t hack your account. Quite funny but be alert while telling others. This is the most preferred tool by hackers because they don’t have to do any coding or know hacking. This is all about searching a people and hacking it by tapping on “Hack” button. It’s better to use Instagram hack than stealing someone’s by password by looking at it when they are logging in. This is why Instagram password hack is the most complex and beneficial tool on the internet for recovering your own account. You don’t need to pay anything, you just need to try it and give a good review!

Great Kid-friendly Free Applications for Iphone/smartphone

My 2 year old has several toys. Being the second child, he got all his toys from his older brother, and several more of his own. But out of all those toys, his favorite toy is dad’s iphone. Dear parents, like it or not, these new electronic gadgets are here to stay, and they will be part of your child’s upbringing. Here are some applications that are totally free, and are educational as well as entertaining for kids.
1. Talking Tomcat It is simple and fun. The talking cat just repeats whatever it hears. You know how kids love to play copy game. Your kid will play this game for hours. Besides repeating what it hears, there are also some other fun features where you can play with cat’s tail or feed her milk. It also does some nice tricks .

2. Hooked on Phonics videos These videos are educational, fun and most importantly free. Several preschool rhymes are available for download. Kids can enjoy these videos while learning their alphabets and colors. They are available for download through your itunes.

3. Kids Math This is a great application for first graders to improve their math skills. It has a simple and fun interface for kids to use, and it gives them opportunity to test their addition and subtraction facts. Fun background music keeps kids focused.

Since kids will be playing with your smartphones anyway, why not give them something that they can learn out of.

Key Facts About Clash Royale Hack

Games come and go but few games come just for the purpose of making people addict of it. There is the game called as clash Royale which is famous for many reasons like interface and battle strategy. Playing if seems easy but this is really not a cake walk. You have to work like collecting coins and gem which will be used for upgrading powers and elixir. If you form those people who are interested in battling instead of collecting resources then you can try clash royale hack for the better experience. It is a tool which can change your fortune and fun of playing clash royale.

Clash Royale Hack: Safe Or Not?

Most of the people have this issue which can be solved by two ways. First, know about its safety features and the second one is reading reviews of it. Clash royale cheats have many safety features but the main one is anti-ban which protect your account from getting banned. This tool has thousands of satisfied users which have reviewed on many websites. Reading these reviews help you know more and more. Still, if you feel mistrust then you can try the in-app purchase option of the game and purchase coins and gems.

Moreover; this tool also has some more features which will ease up everything for you. These features are:

  • You don’t have to download clash royale hack because this can be used online.
  • This is free to use and it can generate unlimited currencies.
  • You can access it 24*7 which means no need to worry about any special time but if any condition you can’t access it then wait for few minutes and then refresh it and it will be working again.
  • This is a free to use tool that means no credit card required.

How Nintendo Can Avoid Another Gaming Disaster: The Wii Should Become It’s True Self

Based upon the past and current Nintendo trends the Wii may have some problems. So far the trend for the Wii is following the same discouraging trend that the Nintendo Gamecube took. This is bothersome, not only as a Wii owner but on an industry level too. Without Nintendo weighing in on the console wars there may be little for the low income players or younger players.
Since Sony and Microsoft appear to be focusing on the older gamers and more adult subject matter there may be a lack of children options if Nintendo was not in the industry. The major problem that has been noticed with the Nintendo Wii is the lack of 3rd party support. Some of this is due to the wonky, yes I said wonky, controllers.

It has been tried and true for the Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, and the Xbox 360 ,that the regular controller works and works well. Not only do these controllers work but they are easier to program for on a 3rd party support level. This too has been officially recognized, but whether Nintendo will shift for the market is still unknown.

The major use people are using their Nintendo Wii for is the virtual console. Which consequently uses a standard controller along with the wonky Wii controller. The Wii does support the Gamecube controllers, but unless you are playing in an older Gamecube game you usually cannot use them. With some of the major companies coming forward and admitting that they skimped on the work force placed on Wii projects, there is proof that good 3rd support and good games are possible.

For the more adult and serious gamers the one single biggest help for the Wii could come in a simple solution. Nintendo needs to allow 3rd party suppliers to use a dual controller scheme or a Gamecube controller only. This would allow for the serious gamers to actually play a good game without the wonky controls messing up the interface.

It has been said many times over and over again, a game can look as good as you want but if the controls render it unplayable then its not worth its weight. If Nintendo offered a way for serious players to use a standards controller instead of their new wonky controller, many games that hit the trash could have been salvaged. Red Steel is one of those games that could have been very good but because of those wonky controls many players turned against it.

If Nintendo would open their minds to the market and admit to the possibility that a player may not want to stand and swing his arms wildly every time he wants to game, they might come to the conclusion that using the Gamecube supported plugs for the controllers may be a wise choice. Simply make a game capable of using something other than the new wonky controllers could make the difference between a huge hit and a great game with bad controls. With the Christmas season looming in the distance now is the time Nintendo step up to your serious gamers and the market and open your minds to change. Nintendo has already marketed that the Wii is about the future and about change. It is time for the Wii to be known for a true Multi controller console instead of the new console with the wonky controllers.

Injustice 2 – Win against Superman

Injustice 2 is the most popular video game firstly released for Playstation and Xbox but after this game is launched for Smartphone like Android and Apple. You can play this game whenever you want because you need to get a strong internet connection or Wi-Fi. So you can use your mobile data for accessing game server. This game is developed by NetherRealm Studios by using all the characters of DC in one game. There is no restriction like you can play with only Batman. You can choose your superhero or supervillain to play this game. You have to start from level 1 where you have very fewer powers but this doesn’t mean you are helpless because the game will help you to understand about each and everything so you will be able to clear the first level easily in tutorials. The starting battles of this game are easy and with an increase in the level of player the game will be kept on getting tough. Some important things regarding Injustice 2:

  • Beginners must have to follow the tutorial because they can’t learn without knowing about gems and coins. So don’t skip any tutorial otherwise you will be having issues with the interface. The interface of this game is so easy but you will feel complicated if you skipped this.
  • The main motive of this game is to win the battle but you can’t win a battle if your character is not much strong so collect gems and upgrade your players using it. You can get free gems using Injustice 2 hack.

The first thing you are wondering about its safety issues. We have deep information regarding this tool, features, and benefits. So let’s discuss:

 Information about Injustice 2 Hack

This is a tool or you can call this software which is installed on a website. This tool has the ability to access your gaming account using your information like username and device you are using. Then this website access gaming site server using your information and then it manipulates that server and provide you thousand of gems and coins. You can think that the site tool uses your information to play this game and help you earn all the reward.

Features of this tool

This tool has many features but we are discussing those features which really matters to you. The first thing which is helpful for you is Anti-ban system introduced by this tool. The anti-ban system lets you keep your account safe from getting banned if you are caught using this tool. The other feature of this tool is you don’t have to download it. You can use this software on the website and this is the relief because many sites offer software which you can download but the problem with them is that you will face many problems like they can fill your computer with the virus. The other thing you will face is not working on these fake hoax tools. So http://injustice2hacker.com/ is better than every other tool and there is nothing else which can provide injustice 2 free gems.

Benefits of using injustice 2 hack

Well, there are many benefits of this tool but this can matter to those who are beginners or the players who are having trouble getting gems and coins. If they will use this tool then they will be debited with lots of the gems and coins in few minutes and they don’t have to worry much about these because they can get more whenever they want. This tool works 24 hours and the 7 days so if you need gems website on generate it.

How To Use Injustice 2 Hack

This tool is very easy to use because you just need to enter your username or gaming id and then you have the option of choosing device and amount of stuff you want. You can grab millions of gems and coins. The one more thing you can get through this is SIM. The more SIM you will obtain the more this will be beneficial in battle. So after entering the amount, you have to click on generate button and you must have to wait for few second after that a human verification must be needed because this will let them know that this is a human requesting for gems. After completing a single task you will be debited with Injustice 2 free gems and now you just have to play the game and keep on winning.